Future So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

 Progress on Blanche pretty much stopped after Bonnaroo 14.  I had worked on her for six months straight, every Saturday and Sunday.  As much as I loved her, I was OVER her.  A lot of other things were going on at the time, surgeries, purchasing property, remodeling, etc.  It was a needed break from travel […]

She Wears Her Sunglasses at Night

  The windows needed new seals.  The old ones were not that bad but they were starting to dry-rot.  Whatever glue was used, was good stuff because it was hard getting all of the old seal off the frame.  Surprisingly the windows pop out pretty easy, putting them back in is a little tricky.  You have […]

Bonnaroo or Bust

It was the final push before Bonnaroo and so much had to be done.  After camping in a pop up for three years, we were all super excited to have air-conditioning. I worked on her right until I had to leave, I don’t suggest it, it was not fun. The inside walls needed to be […]

Puzzle Pieces

For reference, this is the Order of Operations for putting the inside walls back up. End Caps Back Wall – two curved pieces then middle piece Side Walls – work bottom to top Front Wall – two curved pieces then middle piece Add ceiling rails, insert ceiling piece   We found this out the hard […]

She Keeps Me Warm

Styrofoam board insulation was added between the walls. Each piece had to be measured, cut and put into place.  This was fairly easy just time consuming.  We used tape to keep all of the wiring in place. The curved areas were a little tricky but it all worked out.  In some places we had to […]

Light it Up!

We knew fairly early on that the back lights were going to be a problem. The ‘bumper’ that held the lights was all messed up, cracked and pieces were missing. I had no hope of finding another one. In addition, holes in the outside wall were cut out for the lights even though the lights […]

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times…

I wanted floors, so bad.  It seemed like it was taking forever to get the frame painted and the insulation installed.  When we finally put the first piece of floor in, I was ecstatic.  Truthfully, that first moon-shaped piece was put in 3 times.  The first time was just to see if it was going […]

Happiness is a Warm Floor

Insulation. This has been a topic of conversation for months. What to use, batting, stiff, R-value. Let it lay on the belly pan or try to keep up, and how. This has been talked about and talked about and talked about. Insulation has been looked at and studied at Lowes, R-values have been researched but […]


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