Future So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

 Progress on Blanche pretty much stopped after Bonnaroo 14.  I had worked on her for six months straight, every Saturday and Sunday.  As much as I loved her, I was OVER her.  A lot of other things were going on at the time, surgeries, purchasing property, remodeling, etc.  It was a needed break from travel trailer renovation.

As Bonnaroo 15 was coming around, I was good with rollin with her exactly as she was a year ago.  Two mattresses in the floor.  Dad, not so much.  He wanted to get the front bed built and the twin beds put back in place.  We also decided to get the windows tinted.

A man came out to the house to work on the tint.  His questions:  1) what do I have to work around?  2) is there air?  After he learned she was completed empty and that there was air-conditioning, he was more than happy to do it.  He could not get the tint on the curved windows, so I decided to leave all three un-tinted.  You can’t really tell with the window guard anyway.

 It did help with keeping her cooler.  I also like the idea that you can’t see in during the daytime.  I know how much cute stuff is in there, I don’t need lookie loos peaking in her windows.

For the twin beds, we had to insulate the fenders.  There is two coverings for the fender, the thicker black one right over the tires and a tan colored one that you can see from the inside.  I had been reluctant to put the plastic tan covers back on because they were fragile, I knew if someone tripped or sat something down on them, they would crack and be useless.  Since the twin beds would be mostly covering them, it was time for them to go back and get the fenders insulated.   Getting the pink batting insulation between these was challenging.  There is not much room in between.

We used the old twin bed frames and just had to add a new piece of plywood for the mattress to sit on.  I didn’t seal the wood but I did stain it.  I needed to do something to make sure that ‘vintage smell’ didn’t linger on any reused pieces.  The drawers were in pretty good shape, they just needed to be cleaned.  I plan on paining the wood-colored paneling at some point but that can be done down the road once more items are put back into place.





  Dad built the front bunk to hold a full size bed.  I really don’t feel the need for a table, I don’t plan on camping in weather where I can’t be outside.  Isn’t that the entire purpose of camping?  To BE outside?  Also, I thought it would be more comfortable to have a ‘real’ mattress and not just cushions.  I really hope she gets used more that she had once she is done and I want anyone staying in her to be comfortable.


 The front water tank had to be installed before the bulk was put in place.  We added some wooden braces to keep it from moving, braces were added on all sides.  It was a super chore to get it braced between the front wall and the tank.  We had to create our own ‘tool’.






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