She Wears Her Sunglasses at Night


Solar guards

 The windows needed new seals.  The old ones were not that bad but they were starting to dry-rot.  Whatever glue was used, was good stuff because it was hard getting all of the old seal off the frame.  Surprisingly the windows pop out pretty easy, putting them back in is a little tricky.  You have to get the ‘just perfect’ in the tracks/grooves for them to hold.


Working hard


Working on removing the old seal


 Air-Conditioning.  I was super excited to get the air installed.  But I also understood that this meant that Blanche would no longer have a home in the garage, the air conditioner would make her too tall to fit in the doors.  I know that this may be silly, that she is 40+ years old and has probably always been out in the elements.  But she is my baby, my project and I hate knowing that she is outside getting rained on (and leaking somewhere I’m sure), wasps making homes in the belly pan and the paint just fading more.  I just hate it.  My next goal in life is to buy a house with a large enough garage for her to have a home – it’s gonna happen.

We installed the air conditioner the same way we removed the old one, tractor and bucket.  Scary.  Blanche was pulled outside for the first time in over a year.  Once we got the air conditioner on the roof, it wasn’t that difficult.  We tested it before screwing everything down and it worked fine.  Instant relief.


Air-conditioner install


Getting up to the roof


Installing the cover

 My main concern before heading out was protecting the front windows.  They are my favorite.  They are hard and expensive to replace.  I had ordered a solar guard from Out Of Doors Mart (yes, I know how much those cost) and I had it for some times, at least a month or so before installing it.  They are tinted and with all the work going on inside, I didn’t want to do anything that limited the light inside.

We began the install late on Sunday, everything that was needed was included.  It went pretty sooth until the last guard on the left side.  We just couldn’t figure it out.  We eventually realized we had two sets of right hinges – oops.  I called OODM to talk to someone and they were closed.  Horror set it.  I needed to leave on Wednesday – what was I going to do!  Blanche was not going on any road without those windows covered.

Dad called OODM the next day while I was at work and overnight-ed the correct pair.  He made sure they understood that we did not have time for another mistake – they were great, understood and sent out the new part for us to have on Tuesday.  We installed the last guard late on Tuesday – Thank You Jesus.

Right before heading out on Wednesday afternoon, I threw two mattresses from guest room in the camper and left.  I figured we have made it this long without a bathroom and shower, another year isn’t going to hurt.  At least this time we have a cool place to sleep.  She was off on her maiden voyage.  

On the way


Our camp


Ready to leave – love these ladies!



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