Bonnaroo or Bust

It was the final push before Bonnaroo and so much had to be done.  After camping in a pop up for three years, we were all super excited to have air-conditioning. I worked on her right until I had to leave, I don’t suggest it, it was not fun.

  • The inside walls needed to be painted
  • New flooring put down
  • Outlets wires connected and plates put on
  • New window seals
  • New window leavers stoppers
  • Air-conditioner installed
  • Door handel repaired and put on
  • Checked for leaks
  • Generator tested
  • Battery charged and tested
  • Lights checked
  • Window guard installed **
  • Mattresses added

It was a lot and time was running out.

I could not wait to get the walls painted, paint just always seems to work wonders. Makes everything look so fresh and clean. I had chosen a beige color for the walls. I’m hoping this neutral color will go with anything. I don’t want to repaint once the guts are all back in.

Before paint

After paint

For the console over the front widows, I went bolder with a bright turquoise. I figured that would be easy enough to repaint if/when I get tired of it.  

Old and new color


I painted before the flooring was installed so I didn’t have to worry about getting paint on the new floors. Not just a looker here but a thinker.

It just added a thick vinyl floor and a put it down. It was very important to me that it cover the entire floor. Under all of the cabinetry and beds. Not excuse for water to ever get on the wood again.  

New floors

New floors – back

I purchased all new window stoppers (whatever they are called). The old ones were yellowed and ugly and a few were broken. The new ones are black and with my OCD, they just all had to match. At this point, it’s just go big or go home. Nothing but the best for Blanche, she is not cheap.  

Old and broken

New and pretty

I had to clean all of the old sealer from the previous air-conditioner. Being that high up in a metal building in June, is miserable. Not sure that he heat helped with removing the gunk but I did get it all clean. 

WOW, look at the color difference.

I purchased the smallest electrical panel that would hold everything. It will eventually be hidden in a closet but it still needed to look good.  

 As many of you know, a new door handle will cost you $500 dollars. Mine is not perfect, but it works. I found out that my Dad has never gotten rid of a key. Like ever. He handed me a old coffee can full of them and told me to keep trying until I found one that works. Umm, ok. But I did find one that would work until I could have the lock changed. 

Part of the lock and been worn away so Dad had to do some welding to add to it so that it would lock and stay closed. My biggest fear is that the door comes open while going down the road.



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