Winter Progress

Not much progress was made in Blanche during the winter.  I don’t like the cold and it was very cold this winter.  Ideas and plans were discussed and discussed and discussed and I was very excited to get back to work on her when it finally warmed up.

One thing on the agenda for winter was to find a SUV/truck that could tow Blanche once she was ready.  Her dry weight is about 3600.  I really hope to bring that down since I don’t plan on putting everything back in but wanted to make sure I could safely tow her and not get stranded.

Mine is the 24 Twin Bed Model

Mine is the 24 Twin Bed Model

I ended up purchasing an older Tahoe with a Z71 package.  It had the larger engine and tow package so I think I should be ok.  I don’t believe she has ever towed anything, I found the original GM trailer hookup in the back still wrapped up like it had never been used.  After only ever driving little Honda’s I am really enjoying the Tahoe but not the gas mileage.  And I love having the extra vehicle.

Blanche Puller

Blanche Puller

By Biff (BFF, Best Friends Forever, LYLAS) also purchased a vintage trailer over the winter.  She got a Shasta with wings and I admit, I am jelly of it.  Still have not seen Daisy in person but I know she is awesome.  She also got a new tow vehicle.  We are just livin the dream!  L – I – V – I – N (in Wooderson’s voice from Dazed and Confused).

Looks just like what Blanche and Daisy - BFFs

Looks just like what Blanche and Daisy – BFFs

I found this picture on Pinterest and saved it.  It is from the blog, Nest, Vintage, Modern ( and it looks a lot like Blanche and Daisy, who will also be Biffs after being restored.  After reading the blog and picture caption, the Shasta is owned by someone named Angela – just like Daisy.  Weird.

New Mirror - Ignore the Cat Butt

New Mirror – Ignore the Cat Butt

I purchased a few swag items for Blanche over the winter.  I found this pretty new mirror to replace the heavy mirror/medicine cabinet that was removed and a cool decal for the back window. I also had already purchased a flag, now I just need to install a flag pole.

This was just too awesome not to buy

This was just too awesome not to buy

Flag - Go Vols!

Flag – Go Vols!

I also began working on a few crochet blankets for Blanche.  I’m a granny, I know.  I do believe that crochet is the new hipster craft so maybe I just need to buy some vintage looking eye-glasses and then I’ll be hip instead of a granny – LOL.  But seriously, every vintage camper needs homemade blankets.  Super cozy.

Blanche's Blanket

Blanche’s Blanket

BFF's Blanket for her B-Day and Camper

BFF’s Blanket for her B-Day and Camper

Swag make/purchased for Daisy.

Swag made/purchased for Daisy.


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