Small Steps



Not many could see the vision that I had in my mind of ‘what could be’.  My brother thinks I have absolutely lost my mind and tells me often that with the price of aluminum, I could scrap it and get my money back, if not more.  Not a chance.  But I will remind him of that the first time he asks to take her somewhere to camp.  I know it happen.

I didn’t take many ‘before pictures’ of her all complete and together.  I have just two pictures looking from the front to the back after I pulled up all of the floor coverings.



See, not much to look at.  The oven door is broken and falls off when you try to open it.  I’m sure it can be fixed, but I don’t plan on putting it back in there.  It’s heavy and I don’t think it would get much use other than just looking retro cool.  There was not a refrigerator, and after looking at the price of replacements, I understood why someone pulled it out and most campers on craigslist just have an electric one instead of propane.  I want to go back with a propane one and just like everything else in my life, everything I like is expensive.  It’s a talent.

Most of the plastic drawers are cracked and the press wood is crumbling in places.  It has two water heaters, an old one that doesn’t work and a new one installed in what is intended to be a closet.  Both will be going.  There are no screens left on the windows and most of plastic guards on the windows to set the opening are falling apart along with some of the leavers.  I have no idea if anything in the bathroom was usable, it would be removed anyway.

Back beds and bathroom.

Back beds and bathroom.

But all of the windows were there and not broken; she still had the original screen door and the original door lock.  Those are some of the most expensive things to replace, if you can find them.  Oh, and it came with handmade curtains of deer and wildlife…which I was not allowed to get rid of.  My nephew thought they were cool and wanted them up in it when he goes camping.  I did keep them but they will never go back in there.  They are a ready-made templates for new curtains.

New Outside Lights

New Outside Lights

My first purchase was new lights, which are still in the box as pictured.  Dad installed just one on a day when I was inside cleaning and he couldn’t do much to help.  They look much better.  Honestly, I’m not very concerned with the outside, I know she is a scratched and a little beat up but she is still cool as hell.  I just want the inside to functional and comfortable, who care what it looks like on the outside.  I can get to that later.

Testing the Air-Conditioner

Testing the Air-Conditioner

The air-conditioner was tested and although you can’t tell from the picture, the widows did eventually fog up – a great sign.  It will still be replaced; it’s dirty, nasty and smells.  Only the best for my girl!


2 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. Loving that your Rollin with your dream on Blanche and love seeing your progress too! She’s gonna be beautiful like your inspiration pic I know. I say you go girl and you are COOL!!!

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