Searching for Information

She fits!

She fits!

Once it was apparent that Blanche would need to be gutted, I began to look for information on restoration.  I have never had a Travel Trailer, RV, Motorhome, Camper or anything and neither has any of my family.  My Dad is amazing and he has always been able to fix anything but he didn’t know anything about these things.  I found a place that sells old Airstream manuals and purchased a copy of the Operating Manual (Secretarial Plus – and downloaded a free copy of a different year model.  My manual was very basic and didn’t provide much information.  I also purchased a few books.  I didn’t read any of them, but Dad did – did I mention he was AWESOME?!?  The one that has provided the most information was/is Restoring a Dream:  My Journey Restoring a Vintage Airstream, by Tim Shepherd (  I also scoured the internet for any information that I could find and read many, many, many forums.

We made a trip to Cullam and Maxey one weekend and spoke to a man that worked there back when they still sold Airstreams, he was a great source of information.  He provided us with a catalog of everything you could think of.  Any ideas we had, we could quickly look up what was needed and look and compare prices and decide the best options – it was great.

Our main struggle was having a place store all of the parts we were removing.  Nothing was thrown away, we kept everything – you never know when you may need it again.  My parents (Dad) have a pretty large garage/shop but at the time it was full.  The first spring and summer that I had Blanche, my brother was building a new house, almost across the street from my parents and was actually living at my house.  So we had three household’s things, crammed into two homes and garages.  We were busting at the seams.  Work on Blanche was in a holding pattern until we could get the garage emptied and my brother was in his new house.

We did some quick measurements and thought she would barely fit in the garage once we removed the air-conditioner.  I could not wait to get her inside and really get to work.  Move date as set in May so that is when the real work would begin.

It's close.

It’s close.


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