Getting to Know You

Once spring came along, I began to clean up the camper.  It really had that ‘vintage’ smell and I wanted that out badly.  I began to scrub down every surface with Clorox and really see what needed to be done.  I pulled up the newer vinyl flooring and carpeting to uncover some of the original floor – super 70’s avocado vinyl and shag.  She had the avocado vinyl flooring up front and avocado shag carpeting in the back. Most of the shag had already been pulled up but I found pieces left under the kitchen cabinets.  I’m beginning to wonder if someone lived in this because the floor in front of the stove was soaked in grease – gross.  I gently removed a piece of the original floor to save; maybe I’ll make a shadow box or something later.  I had to admit, it was cool in smaller portions.

Original Vinyl Floor

Original Vinyl Floor

Part of the walls had been repainted recently and when I began to clean and pulled back the covering of the table and benches, the wall was nasty.  Not sure if it was dirt or mold, either way it had to go.

Sign of Water Damage?!?

Sign of Water Damage?!?

I began to remove the front table and benches.  This was not an easy task once I began to remove the screws from the floor – almost everyone was rotted.  Some were not even holding anything down – good times.

Hole in the Floor?

Hole in the Floor?

Yep, more water damage.

Yep, more water damage.

I found that the floor was rotted near the door and under those awesome front windows.  I do not believe the windows are the problem but the overfilling of the fresh water tank that sits below the windows.

Fresh Water Tank

Fresh Water Tank

Most of the floor looked kinda wet.  Not a good sign.  I knew from my little research that replacing the floor was a bitch, a big, scary one.  But that was looking more and more like it was going to need to be done.  Damn.  Beneath one of the benches, was the water pump and it had been leaking for some time.  At some point the pipes must have frozen and cracked.  Great.  Upon more inspection under the kitchen cabinets, we found that most of the copper had been cut out – not sure it had been stolen or removed intentionally.

Broken copper pipe.

Broken copper pipe.

This is going to be a total gut job.  We are not the type of people to just patch a problem and move on.  Fix it once and fix it right.

I search Craigslist often just to see what is out there.  I cannot tell you how many Airstreams or Argosy’s that I see that have been gutted to the floor and then someone is trying to sell.  No one wants to mess with replacing the floors.

Challenge accepted!


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