Hah. Just one look….that’s all it took.

Armory, MS

Armory, MS

Crazy, I know.  Not much to look at but I was in love.  Saw this beauty on Craigslist, listed in Jackson.  I thought Jackson, TN but Jackson, MS.  Oops.  But it was too late; I wanted to see this in person.  I had already dragged my Dad to Sweetwater, TN a few weeks back, during duck season to look at a Shasta and he was NOT happy about it at all.  Didn’t want to go, hated the Shasta, pissed he wasn’t hunting, it was a piece of crap, could never be fixed, would not even make it home, didn’t care how cheap it was – you get the idea.  So I knew if I was ever going to get my dream of a vintage camper I would need to rethink it.  I really, really wanted a canned ham, Shasta with wings vintage camper.  My Dad was just not going to have it and I needed him on board to help with the work that I knew would need to be done.

I really do not remember how the idea of an Airstream came up but Dad was more open to the idea of those than the precious little canned ham campers.  He just ‘felt’ they were better made, would stand the test of time, quality work, etc.  Ok, Airstream it is – I would take what I could get.  Truthfully, it was probably a better option.  They were bigger, had showers and I had always thought they were cool going down the road.  I was just worried about towing such a large trailer, still am.

When I saw this Argosy listed on Craigslist and those kick-ass front windows, I loved it.  I started researching them and learned they were made by Airstream.  SCORE!  They are known as “Painted Airstream” and many Airstream features were first tried on Argosy trailers.  They utilized aluminum panels that were blemished and could not be used on Airstream.  Those front windows are what make them, the end caps are made of steel instead of aluminum to support the curved windows.  I learned that if one of those curved windows get broken, you are pretty much screwed – but mine (soon to be mine) were intact.  It was an Argosy 24’ twin bed model.

On Saturday February 16, 2013, Mom, Dad and I head off to Armory, MS to look at her.  She was already named and everything – Blanche, southern and sassy.  We looked at her and looked at her and looked at her.  I wanted it, all that mattered to me was that Dad was ok with the purchase and was going to help me fix her up.  He worked on the price and she was hooked up and towed home.  The man told me he hated to sell it, he just couldn’t fix it up like he wanted.  He said his wife, had come out that morning and said her ‘goodbyes’ to it.  Sad for them – happiness for me!  We pulled her to my parents’ house and parked her in the field to wait for warmer weather.

Heading Home - Look at those Windows!

Heading Home – Look at those Windows!

Parked at Mom and Dad's - what a beauty.

Parked at Mom and Dad’s – what a beauty.



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